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AMNIGRAFT Wound Allograft is indicated for use as a wound covering for dermal ulcers and defects. Amnigraft reduces scar tissue
formation, modulates inflammation in the surgical site, enhances healing, and acts as a barrier.
Human amniotic membrane comprises the innermost layer of the placenta and lines the amniotic cavity. Other forms of the same type of placental tissue have been used for 100 years; this type of tissue is becoming a standard wound treatment for chronic wounds. Amnigraft is rich with the basic components necessary for tissue repair and wound healing. They contain collagen substrates, growth factors, amino acids, carbohydrates, and cytokines, which are known to facilitate migration and proliferation cells to the site of injury and help construct a natural scaffold on which new tissue growth can occur. Amnigraft is processed through the process that combines cleaning, dehydration and sterilization, and it may be stored at ambient conditions for up to 3 years. The proprietary protects the delicate scaffold during processing, leaving an intact collagen matrix. The result is a durable graft with natural barrier properties to optimize surgical performance and ease of use.



Sorief  is a biopolymeric composite wound dressing Film (NBF) which is fabricated by combining the natural/synthetic polymers. This bio composite film is as non- drug based.
In a subset of wounds that had not been responsive to prior treatment (injection and etc.), a decrease in wound size of 95% was observed after three weeks of treatment by NBF.

Design, function

The goal of this project is design a bio polymeric composite wound dresser in which no drug is used. In this approach, combination of natural polymer like chitosan, Gelatin, Collagen, and artificial polymer like polyvinyl alcohol is mixed with determinate percentages without using drug and using an automatic film applicator of thin film is covered in one face and then it is dried in room temperature and sterilized afterwards.
This dressing will be especially beneficial to patients who suffer from infected wounds (such as diabetic wound, cutaneous leishmaniasis wound and ….) by providing relief not only in the realm of pain management and of olfaction but also in improvements in cost and in overall treatment time.  
Wound dressings based on NBF absorb aqueous fluids such as wound secretions quickly, and protect wounds from dirt and microbes, and promote rapid healing.
•    NBF is a transparent adhesive wound dressing consisting of a wound contact layer of natural and synthetic polymer with or without backing layer which is impermeable to liquids and bacteria. On contact with a wound the films takes up the wound exudates whereby a gel is formed that ensures a moist wound environment.  The gel layer prevents film from sticking to the wound.


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