Sorief  is a biopolymeric composite wound dressing Film (NBF) which is fabricated by combining the natural/synthetic polymers. This bio composite film is as non- drug based.
In a subset of wounds that had not been responsive to prior treatment (injection and etc.), a decrease in wound size of 95% was observed after three weeks of treatment by NBF.

Design, function

The goal of this project is design a bio polymeric composite wound dresser in which no drug is used. In this approach, combination of natural polymer like chitosan, Gelatin, Collagen, and artificial polymer like polyvinyl alcohol is mixed with determinate percentages without using drug and using an automatic film applicator of thin film is covered in one face and then it is dried in room temperature and sterilized afterwards.
This dressing will be especially beneficial to patients who suffer from infected wounds (such as diabetic wound, cutaneous leishmaniasis wound and ….) by providing relief not only in the realm of pain management and of olfaction but also in improvements in cost and in overall treatment time.  
Wound dressings based on NBF absorb aqueous fluids such as wound secretions quickly, and protect wounds from dirt and microbes, and promote rapid healing.
•    NBF is a transparent adhesive wound dressing consisting of a wound contact layer of natural and synthetic polymer with or without backing layer which is impermeable to liquids and bacteria. On contact with a wound the films takes up the wound exudates whereby a gel is formed that ensures a moist wound environment.  The gel layer prevents film from sticking to the wound.


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Precious carotenoids plus trace elements and endogenous active substances. Well-rounded with five quality


The eyes, especially the structures of the retina, are particularly exposed to the UV radiation of light. These tissues are rich in protective carotene and carotenoids in order to prevent damage caused by free radicals. These natural substances function as “internal sunglasses” to filter the light so that the sensitive photoreceptors inside the eye are not destroyed.

Liver Bile Formula

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Plant-based combination with approved extracts from artichoke, milk thistle, ginger and dandelion.

The liver is the body’s largest metabolic organ. It utilises the nutritional components ingested with our food, produces proteins, serves as the storage organ of the body and has a modulating effect on the hormonal and immune systems. But the liver more than any other organ has to deal with many harmful substances. Alcohol, drugs and environmental pollutants all take their toll on this key organ of excretion. All the more important it is to provide nutritional support for the liver and its helper the gall bladder. Plant extracts can promote the health and normal functioning of both organs. Due to their stimulating and protective properties, selected plant extracts can help maintain the health of these organs, especially where digestive complaints, pressure and a feeling of fullness and high liver stress are concerned.

L-Glutathione reduced

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The endogenous, sulphurous substance L-glutathione in its biologically active

In its reduced form sulphur-containing L-glutathione is one of the most important antioxidants in the body. Supplementary exogenous intake can be expedient in the case of heightened oxidative stress and health disturbances arising from an increased production of free radicals. Such cases include, for example, degenerative diseases of the eyes such as age-related macular degeneration. The endogenous supply of glutathione also plays an import role in the development of gastro-intestinal diseases. Glutathione depletion with increased harmful oxidative stress has often been detected with these diseases. Targeted intake of glutathione can improve energy metabolism, antioxidative protection and the functioning of the cells of the small intestine.

IntraDoxx® 255

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Special preparation with highly dosed vitamin B2, sulphurous alpha-lipoic acid and important amino acids.

The body is subjected to continuous stress and must cope with different environmental toxins, drugs and other harmful substances on a daily basis. The result of all this exertion is often oxidative stress which, in the form of free radicals, can permanently damage human cells. The human body has various mechanisms to counteract oxidative stress and to breakdown free radicals or rather reactive oxygen species (ROS). One key antioxidative system is glutathione peroxidase that breaks down the peroxides formed in the body to harmless components and thus protects the body against pro-oxidative molecules. Various vitamins and micronutrients can also help here to protect human cells against oxidative stress. Biogena IntraDoxx® 255 contains not only a vitamin that protects against oxidative stress, but also other micronutrients that expediently supplement the nutritional spectrum.


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