Liver Bile Formula

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Plant-based combination with approved extracts from artichoke, milk thistle, ginger and dandelion.

The liver is the body’s largest metabolic organ. It utilises the nutritional components ingested with our food, produces proteins, serves as the storage organ of the body and has a modulating effect on the hormonal and immune systems. But the liver more than any other organ has to deal with many harmful substances. Alcohol, drugs and environmental pollutants all take their toll on this key organ of excretion. All the more important it is to provide nutritional support for the liver and its helper the gall bladder. Plant extracts can promote the health and normal functioning of both organs. Due to their stimulating and protective properties, selected plant extracts can help maintain the health of these organs, especially where digestive complaints, pressure and a feeling of fullness and high liver stress are concerned.

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