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Special preparation with highly dosed vitamin B2, sulphurous alpha-lipoic acid and important amino acids.

The body is subjected to continuous stress and must cope with different environmental toxins, drugs and other harmful substances on a daily basis. The result of all this exertion is often oxidative stress which, in the form of free radicals, can permanently damage human cells. The human body has various mechanisms to counteract oxidative stress and to breakdown free radicals or rather reactive oxygen species (ROS). One key antioxidative system is glutathione peroxidase that breaks down the peroxides formed in the body to harmless components and thus protects the body against pro-oxidative molecules. Various vitamins and micronutrients can also help here to protect human cells against oxidative stress. Biogena IntraDoxx® 255 contains not only a vitamin that protects against oxidative stress, but also other micronutrients that expediently supplement the nutritional spectrum.


per capsule

daily dosage 3 capsules

Vitamin B2

3 mg

9 mg

Alpha-lipoic acid

85 mg

255 mg

N-acetyl cysteine

85 mg

255 mg


40 mg

120 mg


40 mg

120 mg


40 mg

120 mg


10 mg

30 mg



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